Instagrammable Picture Locations in Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka

1. Staircase to Adam’s Peak

Image of Way down from Adam's Peak
Way down from Adam’s Peak | Source:  Ozerov Alexander/

Since there are so many stairs to the top, it is popular among tourists to take a photo on the staircase.

Instagram tip: place the person holding the camera in front of you, so that the beautiful landscape and all the stairs which you have passed are in your background.

2. Adam’s Peak

When reaching to the top, take a whole bunch of photos, either of the gorgeous landscape itself or with you in the frame as well.

3. Photo from the Rock at the Laxapana Falls

Image of Lakshapana Falls Ginigathhena sri lanka
Lakshapana Falls Ginigathhena sri lanka | Source: Mlnuwan/

Take a photo while the the Laxapana fall is in your background.

Instagram tip: there is a huge rock in the water, stand or sit on it, while the person with the camera will stand on the dry rocks. Prepare yourself to get a little wet, but it is worth it!

4. Nature in Aberdeen Falls

Image of High waterfall on the Kehelgamu River
High waterfall on the Kehelgamu River | Source:  Nuwan Liyanage/

Since the water is not so crystal clear as in Luxapana falls, try not to get it in the frame. The best photo of this beautiful waterfall is behind the trees and bushes. The greens will give amazing contrast to the photo.

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