11 Places to Eat and Best Food Experiences in Arugam Bay

Traveling to Arugam Bay? Don’t forget to prepare your taste buds.

Not only can you eat by the sea—grab a fresh coconut while you’re there!—but all the food offerings are sure to make your stomach growl with hunger. From budget meals to luxurious fare on the beach, you’ll find something to satisfy your hungry palate.

When you’re done playing on the beach, come grab some grub at any of the following, trusted restaurants.

Best Food Experiences

1. Hummus and chicken sandwich at Break Point

Well of course Sri Lanka is famous for its authentic fare, but it is not far behind in adapting the western flavours too!

Get a taste of Lebanese and international cuisine at Break Point that serves the best hummus in town. Being the only place to serve Lebanese cuisine, it is a tad bit expensive but totally worth it when it comes paired with homemade paired with pita and stuffed falafel.

You might have a hard time finding this small, narrow food joint, but a little search and asking the friendly people out there and you’re good to go. Also try their ‘biggest submarine sandwich’, cake of the day and super refreshing iced tea that makes Breakpoint a must while in A-Bay. 

2. Vegetable Tempura at Zephyr

Zephyr’s beachside location makes it a perfect place for tourists, especially the couples. With a backdrop of the roaring waves, relish the assorted vegetables in the spiced up vegetable tempura.

If you’re one who wants to revel in the seaside fervor and can’t do without the ocean goodies, go for the wasabi prawns and fish bites. The dark lantern lit pathway leading closer to the shore sets the mood perfectly for this beachside haven.

The soothing beats at this rustic bar and restro will be on your top list of holiday chilling when in A-Bay. Don’t forget to try the cocktails – they have a wide variety of fusion cocktails to sum up your dinner date.

3. Authentic and international flavours at Hideaway Resort Restaurant

Arugam Bay is an escape and Hideaway is an escape within an escape.

Hideaway has been there for most of Arugam Bay’s modern history, starting from the late 1970s. Known for its perfect combo of authentic and western cuisine, there’s something for everyone at this resort restaurant.

The dinner menu at Hideaway is limited and changes often, depending on what produce is fresh and in season. For seafood lovers and the experimental souls, try the jumbo prawns – huge and so fresh that you feel they are straight from the ocean. Perfectly cooked, they are accompanied with crushed potatoes, salad and a flavorful herb garlic butter.

Meat freaks can go for the pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon and served with chorizo. Om nom nom your way to another dish from up in Italy – the lemon chicken pasta with a strong emphasis on flavor of tarragon and parmesan, carried by a strong brown butter. 

As much as their dinner is loved by one and all in A-Bay, so is their breakfast set up.

Places to Eat

1. Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing ($$$$)

Kottukal Beach Road, Pottuvil | +94 775348807 | www.jetwinghotels.com/kottukalbeachhouse/dining

Dining at this beach restaurant will be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Be it traditional Sri Lankan food, or a Western favourite, they have it all. Dine under the stars in utmost luxury while you eat mouthwatering meals cooked by experienced chefs.

2. The Spice Trail ($$$) 

Main Road | 69th Milepost, Arugam Bay

Craving some Japanese or Thai food? The Spice Trail is where you must stop. Their blend of exotic spices and Asian flavours is much raved about and loved by tourists of all types. A welcoming ambiance and succulent dishes make it a must visit for foodies.

3. Hello Burger ($$)

Hello Burger prides itself on serving the best burgers in town, and with all the  people raving about it, they have all their rights to do so. Attracting a young, vibrant crowd with its quirky name and burger joint status, this is a great hangout spot with a chilled ambiance and amazing food and service within Arugam Bay.

4. Bambini’s Café ($)

188, Sinna Ulla Pottuvil, Arugam Bay

A family friendly affair, this place is a must visit if you want an authentic rice and curry meal by the beach. A true Arugam Bay experience with no frills, this place offers the most delicious meals at a very low cost.

5. Mr. Fisherman ($$)

Panama Road On the beach, Arugam Bay

Serving fish and chips with a Sri Lankan twist, this is a famed hangout for anyone who ventures into Arugam Bay. After a hot day out gallivanting, if Mr Fisherman finds you and invites you for a deliciously cooked lobster meal, don’t miss it! It might seem strange in the beginning, but when yummy food finds you, it is always a moment to say yes.

6. Tandoori Hut ($$$)

Mafaza Mosque Road, Arugam Bay

Enjoy rich, authentic Sri Lankan and Indian food with Tandoori fish and prawns while you watch the world walk by. Known for their curries around town, this restaurant parts with great food, and rare seafood. The eatery itself is a cozy dining experience with friendly staff and delicious cooking.

7. Sub Bay ($)

Siam View Hotel Building, Pottuvil, Arugam Bay

A few minutes away from Arugam Bay, this place still made it to the list because it is worth the detour. If you are craving subs, this is the place to eat at. Cleverly named Sub Bay, this is a joint frequented often by the foodies who need a break from local food. Their crispy chicken is much raved about and is a must have if you go there.

8. Breakpoint ($$)

80, Main Street, Arugam Bay

Breakpoint is a unique food experience with a specialty in Israeli food. Dive into the exotic tastes of food at Breakpoint while you view the scenic beauty that Arugam Bay offers. A truly wonderful culinary experience that is not to be missed!

9. Zephyr Restaurant and Bar ($$$)

Siam View Hotel, Arugam Bay

Enjoy lip-smacking food and get tipsy alongside the scenic beauty of beach—what better place? Best known for the cold drinks and warm service, this is a must visit. Great service, chilled vibes and good food, what more could you ask for during a vacation?

10. Hideaway Resort Restaurant ($$$)

Ulle, Arugam Bay

Romantic and relaxed is what best describes this eatery. Serving seafood as their soul food, they also cater to the vegetarian friendly travellers. Keeping up with its name, Hideaway is just that, a place that is hidden among the beaches of Arugam Bay. It offers you a calm and peaceful atmosphere to hog delicious food in.

11. Shell Resort Restaurant ($$$)

Holiday Inn Road, Arugam Bay | +94632248699

A popular place among locals and travellers alike, this fine dining restaurant is a true gastronomical journey. The open air seating and laid back ambiance does much to enhance the taste of already perfect dishes. Their seafood dishes are a must have and if you ever stumble into the Shell, do try it.

Arugam Bay offers more than just breathtaking scenery, seascapes, and of course water sports, but delicious food as well! Whether you’re in the market for eating a high-end dinner under the stars, or just want to grab something quick and cheap before playing on the beach, there’s a little bit of everything available for you. Soak up the delicious Sri Lankan food while you relax under the sun!