11 Restaurants and Cheap Eats in Kalpitiya – A Foodie’s Guide

Ready to island hop around Kalpitiya’s fourteen islands, or enjoy a sunny day on the beach? Be sure to ramp up your energy with delicious Sri Lanka food—not to mention seafood from the many fisherman in Kalpitiya! Cruise the budget, standard, or fine dining options to find the right fit for you

Fine Dining

1. Beach Club, Bar Reef Resort ($$$)

Palmyrah Road, Alankuda, Kalpitiya |  077 721 9218 | www.barreefresort.com/facilities/#beach-club

A quaint restaurant and juice bar, this is a place where you can sit back and relax while sipping  famous fresh juices or cocktails. The ambiance is romantic and inviting, and the beach winds and smell of roasting spices is what a vacation meal is all about. Fine dining made easy, this is a must visit for a quiet evening meal.

2. Coralia, Palagama Beach ($$$)

12 Palmyra Avenue, Ettalai, Alankuda, Kalpitiya| 777 818 970 | www.palagamabeach.com/sri-lankan-restaurant-food-at-palagama-beach

Coralia is the perfect package for any vacationer. Add flavours to your beach holiday with this exquisitely designed restaurant that gives you authentic Sri Lankan and fusion cuisines. They are known for cooking with the freshest catch in town, and their wine and drinks menu is to die for. If a luxury meal is your way of winding down, then this is the place for you.

3. Windmills, Aarya Lagoon ($$$)

Mampuri, Kalpitiya Road, 61360 | 011 4 975555 | www.aaryaresorts.com/wine-and-dine

A haven for gastronomic delight and nirvana, the Windmills offers delightful fusion cooking and scrumptious delicacies. Taking fine dining to the next level, the guest can handpick their own organic vegetables to cook with for the dishes they order.The ambiance is idyllic and very country, the hosts polite to perfection and overall, a great place to spend an evening in.

Family and Casual Dining

1. Dolphin Beach Resort Restaurant ($$)

Cabanas scattered about the beach, comfortable seating, wind in your hair, an amazing view, and food to die for. If this isn’t a vacation spot, what is? The Dolphin Beach Restaurant is well known for their friendliness and delectable food and service. Their homemade pasta is a special and a must try if you ever get lucky enough to chill at this place.

2. Welle Wadiya Beach Restaurant ($$$)

Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya

The Welle Wadiya is a charming seaside joint decorated with the most stylish and minimal decor, giving it a bright and airy ambiance. A table for just two can be set up by the waves upon request. That alone makes this the top of the list for a romantic dinner with a reasonable cost! Their fish, prawn and buffalo curd are much raved about.

3. Sunset Safari & Restaurant ($$)

Kalpitiya Road, Alankuda, Nuraicholai, Kalpitiya

A cozy place with whitewashed walls and sunshine pouring in through bay windows, this eatery has the best seafood and pizzas around town. Their spicy shrimps are a must have, the only downside being that they don’t serve alcohol. The food more than makes up for it with the exquisite spices and mouthwatering taste, though!

4. Kitesurfing Lanka Restaurant ($$)

Dutch Bay Road, Kandakuliya, Kalpitiya

This restaurant prides itself in never running out of food and drinks. Yes, it does sound odd, but countless visitors support this. They offer buffet spreads, coffee, tea, and drinks throughout the day. Fresh seafood barbeques, endless food and drinks, a beach view and great hosts, what more could kitesurfers or any adventurer need?

Budget Friendly Dining

1. Kite House Café ($)

Odai Karai Road, Kappalady, Kalpitiya

One of the better known restaurants for serving quality food at lower prices, this place serves Sri Lankan as well as fusion cuisines. Their homemade pizzas and fresh juices are the talk of the town, and their cold beers don’t fall too far behind either. A very rustic and real place with no frills or facades, this is a must visit if you need great food for a reasonable price.

2. Baobab Lagoon Lodge ($)

Kalpitiya Road, Lagoon Road, Kalpitiya

An old Lankan home turned eatery without much ado, this is a clean and simple place to get yummy food for a very low budget. Styled like a regular cabana, this place offers homemade Sri Lankan rice and curries, specializing in seafood dishes. Visitors say it’s a great spot for bird watching.

3. Angel Rest Restaurant ($)

Angel Rest, Muhathuwaram Road

Thanks to a perfect spot on the first floor, this restaurant offers a beautiful view over the streets and town. This hole in the wall already has a name of it’s own as well as loyal customers. Their most raved about dishes are the seafood choices, and their seafood platter is a must have if you venture here. With family like hosts and great ambiance, this is a good place to chill after a long hot day traipsing about Kalpitiya and Alankuda.

4. Lak Laguna Bar ($)

Sethawadiya Road, Kalpitiya Lagoon, Kalpitiya

Lak Laguna Bar is a cabana with a thatched roof and extremely inviting exterior, as it sits right on the beach. The bean bags and lazy chairs by the water adds is exactly what a beach vacation should look like. They pride themselves on hosting crazy full moon parties, so if you ever visit during that part of the lunar phase, don’t miss it! Their burgers and fries are delicious too.

Kalpitiya is a great host for sea enthusiasts, island explorers, and kite surfers, but don’t forget the delicious food they offer as well. You won’t find another seafood haven like this one anywhere else in the world. Come to Kalpitiya for seafood buffets, dinners in the waves, and seaside dining that you won’t forget.