8 Restaurants & Cheap Eats in Batticaloa – A Foodie’s Guide

The Portugese loved Batticaloa and you will too once you taste all the delicious food it offers. Not only will you find a range of food to fit every budget, but every taste bud too! From authentic food, to international, or high end prices, to low end.

Batticaloa will give you a Sri Lankan dining experience you’ll never forget!

1. Riviera Crab Cabana Restaurant ($$$)

New Dutch Bar Road, Kallady, Batticaloa | +94 652 222 164 | www.riviera-online.com/dining

One of the most luxurious restaurants in Batticaloa, this place offers freshly prepared food. Their ambiance is just about perfect. You can enjoy a cold beer, dip your feet in the lagoon waters and wind down while you wait for your food to be prepared. Their Crab curry is much raved about, and is a must have if you are ever lucky enough to drop in at this gorgeous restaurant.

2. Cafe Chill ($)

Pioneer Road, Batticaloa

A life saver if you’ve been out and about town in the heat, this place lives up to its name, and let’s you chill. A laid-back ambiance and positively calming vibes with great food is what you get here. Their burgers are much raved about and their cold drinks are a welcoming sight on any hot day.

3. Sri Krishna Café ($)

61A, Kannaki Amman Kovil Road, Batticaloa

The one cheap stop for vegetarian food in Batticaloa, this is a well-known eatery that caters fresh and delicious South Indian and Sri Lankan food. Located right near the local bus stand, this is a good place to drop by as soon as you enter town and energize yourself for the long day ahead.

4. Sunshine ($$)

136, Trinco Road, Batticaloa

What’s a vacation without some sunshine? This eatery is famed for its wide range of dishes from all over the world, and what more, they are tasty too. The air conditioning is a mighty help after a hot day gallivanting about town, and if you want delicious food at a reasonable price, this is a must visit.

5. RN Buffet & Take Away ($)

42 Covington Rd, Batticaloa

If you aren’t in the mood to sit and munch, but just want to grab a packet of yummy meals and walk away, this is the place for you. They are the best lunch packet shop in Batticaloa, and have a tiny quaint garden area for you to sit and eat in. And, for the coffee lovers out there, RN Buffet is said to have the best coffee in all of Sri Lanka.

6. 15 Lady Manning Drive ($$$)

15, Lady Manning Drive, Batticaloa

Experience home cooked, authentic Batticaloa style meals at this restaurant. Their locally sourced ingredients give it a Sri Lankan touch and a must have is their seafood dishes. Famed for their prawn curry, this is a must go to if you crave some amazing seafood cooked in aromatic spices.

7. Mermaid Restaurant ($$)

570-12A, Trinco Road, Sinna Urani, Batticaloa

A brightly lit affair named after a marine myth, this is a great seafood place loved by many a traveller. Reasonable prices, succulent dishes and a friendly service with prompt waiters are what this place is all about.

8. DineKing ($$)

Trinco Road, Thandavenvely I, Batticaloa

The ultimate stop for some tasty fast food, this sure is a king when it comes to serving mouthwatering food. The interiors are pleasing to the eye and very welcoming, the air conditioning is soothing and the service is definitely worth a try.

The heat of Batticaloa can sap your energy, but it doesn’t have to be for long! Grab some delicious food and cold drinks at any of these eateries and refresh yourself. Or, if you’re in a hurry, there are packet lunch options that are affordable and delicious! For those seeking the higher end of things (and want a real dining experience) Batticaloa offers plenty of options for you as well. No matter where you go, delicious food aways in Batticaloa!

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