12 Things to Do in Bentota

Explore Pristine Beaches, Untouched Nature, and Delicious Food!

How will be an evening watching sunset over Indian ocean sitting at a river bank?

Bentota sits on the coast of the Indian Ocean and along the bank of the Bentota River. The name Bentota dates back to a mythical story about a demon named Bem who ruled over the river (tota means riverbank).

You will find all kinds of water sports in Bentota, including swimming, body-surfing, diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and river safaris.

Some of the most established beach resorts in Sri Lanka are located here.

But then there’s more than just water sports! Visit the Turtle Hatchery Project, where turtle eggs are protected until they hatch and returned to the sea. Take local excursions to temples, cinnamon estates, as well as nature resorts. Or sign up for yoga and meditation classes!

Things to Do

1. Bird Watching on the Bentota River

Image of The river Bentota among the Jungle
The river Bentota among the Jungle | Source:  Kengoo/Shutterstock.com

Renowned for breathtaking views and exotic wildlife, Bentota River is probably the right place to explore mangrove, lily clad islands, and river banks to watch reptilians, including lizards, snakes, bats, and crocodiles.

However, the most beautiful thing to do is to observe eye-catchy birds of different hues that enhance the charisma of the site.

Start your tour in the morning, but first, you need to hire a cruise for Bentota River Safari.

A plethora of boats are below the Bentota Bridge, and you can hire any of them along with a guide, of course.

Charges can be different according to the number of visitors.

Image of Bentota River Pleasure boat on the river
Bentota River Pleasure boat on the river | Source:  Kengoo/Shutterstock.com

The boating tour offers you to watch wildlife and their activities, and especially, birds that make the environment mesmerizing with their melodious voices when the sun rises, and everything seems fresh and calm.

Moreover, you can also hire the services of a private agency, but you will get lifetime memories while discovering mangroves where gorgeous and rare bird species, including Herons and Halcyons, draw tourists from all over the universe.

The trip will be safe and secure, so you shouldn’t worry about monitor lizards or crocodiles as they will not harm you.

Check out further details for booking your tour to the scintillating river.

Duration: 1.5-3.0 hours | Cost: 4000-5000 LKR (6-8 people) | Opening hours: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM | Address: Galle Road, Bentota 80500, Sri Lanka

How to get there: By hiring a tuk-tuk (Rickshaw) or a cab/taxi from your hotel, you can reach the Bridge of Bentota River with ease.

Image of Beautiful bird in the nature tree branch habitat
Beautiful bird in the nature tree branch habitat | Source: Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock.com
Image of Bird
Bird | Source:  Ihab Henri/Shutterstock.com
Image of Two bird in nest hole Nesting Rose-ringed Parakeet,
Two bird in nest hole Nesting Rose-ringed Parakeet, | Source:  Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock.com

2. Brief Garden

Image of Brief garden landscape
Brief garden landscape | Source: Ranjana Perera/Shutterstock.com

Settled 6.2 miles north of Bentota, Brief Garden, which used to be the home of renowned architect, Bevis Bawa, is now an attractive tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, and it’s a mesmeric stretch of the flawlessly designed scenery.

The captivating Japanese-style gardens and lawns highlighting the colonial era of the place are worth exploring.

Well-groomed and maintained, Brief Garden has a lot of shady places, where you can hide from the sun for a while to avoid heat waves.

There is also a lovely pond in the yard, but inside the house, you can view even more enthralling things to discover.

The beautiful old trees enhance the serenity of the location, and if you want to avoid crowd, make sure to enter the landmark early in the morning.

Furthermore, you will find a comprehensive collection of Bevis Bawa’s artwork along with the murals of other artists, too.

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: 1000 LKR | Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Address: Kalawila Village, Bevis Bawa, Bentota, Sri Lanka | Website: https://briefgarden.com

How to get there: Take a tuk-tuk from your hotel to the garden, and you’ll be there within 20 minutes.

Image of Exotic house to Bentota River
Exotic house to relax on the Bentota River | Source:  LIUDMILA ERMOLENKO/Shutterstock.com

3. Lunuganga Resort

Once the country house of the worldwide recognized Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa, who was also the brother of Bevis Bawa, is now an estate, and tourists remember it by the name of Lunuganga Country Estate.

Used as a cinnamon estate during the Dutch era in the past; the place later became a rubber plantation site under the British government.

Initiated in 1948, the garden at the estate become Bawa’s experimental laboratory for innovative ideas, and it opened for public in 2003 after the demise of Geoffrey. Moreover, the buildings on the estate are run as a country house hotel now.

Well, the Lunuganga Estate still retains its old charisma, and it has six suites with a fusion of antiques and a contemporary touch, which make the location balanced and beautiful.

The number of garden pavilions, including the Roman and Blue pavilion, are both for relaxation. You can’t visit the building unless you want to stay in the hotel.

Moreover, the garden is a masterpiece of architecture with tropical plants, stunning lily ponds, walkways, and breathtaking views that are truly mesmerizing, so everyone should try it at least for once.

Duration: 1-2 hours | Cost: 1500 LKR | Opening hours: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Address: Dedduwa Lake, Bentota 80500, Sri Lanka.
How to get there: As usual, rickshaw would be the perfect choice to reach the destination from your hotel.

4. Kande Viharaya

Image of The Kande Vihara Temple
The Buddha Statue in Kande Vihara| Source:  Kengoo/Shutterstock.com

Because of its closeness to towns of Bentota and Aluthgama, Kande Viharaya (Mountain Temple) enjoys geographical influence, and it’s an impressive temple in Sri Lanka mesmerizes tourists from everywhere in the world for centuries.

It stands at the tip of the hill.

The right place for worship with every necessary component of a Buddhist temple, Kande Viharaya of Atulgambadde, founded by respectable Karapagala Dewamitta Thero in 1743, is one of the valuable temples in Sri Lanka.

Today, it is a highly significant landmark for not only the city but for the country, too. With the presence of the bell-shaped Stupa, old-fashioned chamber, Bo Tree, and the Image House, the temple is stunning, and it also has a Sri Saranatissa Memorial Dhamma Hall outside the building.

The overall décor of the temple is incredible because you will see a moonstone on the ground and a stone-made door frame at the entrance of the chamber.

When it comes to the interior, the walls and ceiling look striking with thought-provoking murals. Erected in 1731, its Image House has two halls; inner and the outer one.

Moreover, a giant 160-feet-tall Buddha Statue in the temple is the pre-eminent highlight of the building, so never write it off of your bucket list.
Duration: 2-4 hours | Cost: Free | Opening hours: Daily-24 hours | Address: Kande Viharaya, Aluthgama, Sri Lanka
How to get there: A cab or tuk-tuk can easily take you to the temple as it will take hardly 15 to 20 minutes from Bentota.

5. Galapatha Temple

Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya, one of the ancient temples in the country, erected in the 12th century, but after Dutch invasion in the 16th century, it faced severe damage.

The government of Sri Lanka rebuilt the monument, and what you view today is the renovated version of the landmark.

A stone doorway leading to the temple with two upright monolithic pillars on both sides depict a beautiful architecture.

Nari Latha carvings on the pillars enhance the elegance of the building. Moreover, Galperanaya, an archeological object, is a stone water filter made out of stone, and its shape is oval with a mouth at the top.

Famous for the tooth relic of the 3rd disciple of Buddha that buried in the Stupa of the temple, the building has several statues and paintings.

The sculpture of sleeping Buddha, a 25-feet-tall statue placed in sleep posture on the ground, grabs the attention of the sightseers a lot.

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: Free | Opening hours: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Address: Galle, Bentota, Sri Lanka

How to get there: Grab convenient transportation such as a cab or a rickshaw to the temple, which is only 10-15 minutes away from Bentota.

6. Bentota Beach

Image of Beautiful view of Bentota beach
Beautiful view of Bentota beach. | Source:  EvgeniiSakaliuk/Shutterstock.com

Stretches across the miles, a very hypnotic and charismatic, Bentota Beach is one of the worth exploring attractions in the city that offers a plethora of scintillating views to the visitors.

To enjoy a cozy walk along the bank; this place is entirely incredible.

When it comes to cleanliness, this is a 10/10 beach!

Being a swimming-friendly tourist spot, you can swim and play adventurous water sports such as snorkeling with your loved ones to spend quality time and make sure to hit the land in either morning or evening because afternoon time can be humid and hot. You will also have enough culinary options nearby.

Duration: 1-2 hours | Cost: Free | Opening hours: 24 hours | Address: Bentota 80500, Sri Lanka

How to get there: Hire a tuk-tuk from your hotel, and it will take you to the most stunning beach in Sri Lanka. Bentota Railway Station is also close to the site.

Image of Trees on the beach
Trees on the beach | Source: supirak jaisan/Shutterstock.com
Image of Beautiful views of Bentota beach.
Beautiful views Bentota beach | Source:  EvgeniiSakaliuk/Shutterstock.com

7. Beruwala Light House

Image of lighthouse in Galle fort
Beruwala Light House | Source:  Igor Samoiliuk/Shutterstock.com

Beautifully resided on Barberyn Island, Beruwala Light House is an iconic architecture erected in 1889, and even Boxing Day Tsunami couldn’t shake it from its roots.

Though nobody can visit the inner side of the tower, however, you can still explore the island for a few hours. The bush and palm trees enhance the wildlife beauty of the place.

When it comes to adventurous activities, you can discover different species of flora and swimming is also a great option to enjoy your tour.

The Light House is a well-maintained monument in the country, so make sure to keep in mind all the rules and directions while entering the island.

Duration: 2-4 hours | Cost: 2500-4000 LKR | Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Address: Barberyn Island, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

How to get there: Hire a tuk-tuk to reach Beruwala, where a 5-minute boat ride will take you to the Lighthouse with ease.

8. Hatching Turtles

Image of Sea Turtles Conservation Research Project in Bentota
Sea Turtles Conservation Research Project in Bentota | Source:  My Good Images/Shutterstock.com

Nestled south of Bentota, the Turtle Hatchery Park is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Bentota, and it is more famous among kids.

However, adults find this place enthralling and engaging, too.

Out of seven species of turtle in the universe, five are in the park, including Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead turtle, and Leatherback turtle.

Plenty of other turtles are also there to entertain the visitors. Moreover, baby turtles will melt your heart with their palm-sized physique and overloaded cuteness.

You must have to be careful while touching the newly born turtles, and yes, you will get to discover about week-old, two-day-old, and even one-day-old babies.

The guide will give you highly valuable information regarding the species and the process of hatching.

Never miss a visit to a turtle hatchery if you are with your kids. Never!

Duration: 2-4 hours | Cost: 2000 LKR | Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Address: Galle Road, Bentota, Sri Lanka

How to get there: Rickshaw/tuk-tuk will take you to the place within 20 minutes.

Image of Newborn turtles in water seaturtles
Newborn turtles in water seaturtles | Source:  Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock.com
Image of Turtle eggs laid in sand at Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery
Turtle eggs laid in sand at Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery | Source:  AngelaGrant/Shutterstock.com
Image of Turtle Sanctuary Centre in Hikkaduwa
Turtle Sanctuary Centre in Hikkaduwa | Source:  saiko3p/Shutterstock.com

9. Cycling Day Tour in Bentota

Image of Renting a bicycle and cycling around Sigiriya sri lanka

Hire a cycling guide; meet him at your hotel lobby in Bentota City, and your thrilling cycling tour in the countryside will start.

Continue your ride through the tea and rubber plantation to a Bentota River, and you will need to cross to the other side of the river with the help of local Perry so that you can move with your cycle.

Make sure to view land monitors, bats, crocodiles, and other birds while crossing the river.

Take a break and refresh yourself by drinking coconut water, and start your cycling tour through the village.

You will also come accross many other authentic attractions in the city, and will give you a lifetime enjoyment!

Duration: 3-5 hours | Cost: 4000-5000 LKR | Opening hours: Morning time

How to: Hire a cycling tour guide agency, and it will provide you a suitable package, including a cycle and other essentials.

10. Richmond Castle

With coconut and other plantations on the property, Richmond Castle is a prominent tourist attraction in Kalutara highlighting a significant history, and it has a unique architecture.

The façade of the castle is incredible enough to attract the attention of the sightseers, but the interior is outstanding, too.

It looks more like a palace instead of a castle, but you can’t deny its charm and lovely environment.

Erected between 1900 and 1910; a 99-doored Colonial mansion is picturesque, stylish, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary design.

With its sad history, flawlessly beautiful building, and appealing surroundings, Richmond Castle is a place not to be missed.

Duration: 1-3 hours | Cost: 500 LKR | Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM | Address: Riverside Road, Kalutara, Sri Lanka

How to get there: Grab a taxi from your hotel, and it will take you to Richmond Castle in less than an hour.

11. Aluthgama Beach

Image of Sea view swimming pool Bentota
Sea view swimming pool Bentota | Source:  slava296/Shutterstock.com

Twin beach of Bentota Beach, Ventura Beach/ Aluthgama, is among the famous locations in Sri Lanka with all the right ingredients to melt the hearts of the tourists.

A beach with golden sand, it is a luxury resort attraction that has the power to lure visitors from all over the world.

You can see it over the Bentota Bridge, and several hotels, spas, and restaurants are there for sightseers with delicious food and party scenes.

With blue waters, exciting watersports, and picturesque views, Ventura Beach lures people of all ages, and couples love this destination a lot because of its serene and quiet atmosphere.

Duration: 1-2 hours | Cost: Free | Opening hours: 24 hours | Address: Bentota, Sri Lanka

How to get there: By taking public transportation to the place.

12. Moonstone Mine, Meetiyagoda

If you’re looking for exploring precious stones, Moonstone Mine located in Meetiyagoda is around 19.6 miles away from Bentota City, and you can visit from the place to the mine by hiring either a three-wheeler or a cab.

Since 1906, Moonstone Mine has been shining in the sky of the world, and it is renowned for grey-colored valuable stones.

However, some of them are blue, too. Resided in a small village, Meetiyagoda, a few kilometers from the coast, between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa, the mine is one of the notable mines in the world.

You will encounter a mine shaft, which is deep, four-walled, and box-like structure tunnel, the mine tells the ancient history of stones, and you will get to know about the procedure of mining. It will be a worthwhile experience if you got some extra hours.

Duration: 1-2.5 hours | Cost: Free | Opening hours: From 9:00 AM | Address: Lewduuwa Road, Meetiyagoda, Sri Lanka

How to get there: A three-wheeler or a taxi would be the best options to reach Moonstone Mine.

Where to Eat

In addition to the honorable mentions above, there is a multitude of restaurants catering to your tastes. Here we list some of the best for all budgets. These places are popular among travelers and are safe bets.

1. Fine Dining by Saman Villas ($$$$)

Galle Road, Aturuwella, Bentota | +94 34 7 200334 | www.finediningbysamanvillas.com

Image of spicy prawn Curry
spicy prawn Curry | Source:  mArt88/Shutterstock.com

Popular for their culinary magic done with the local seafood catches, this place is everything that is Bentota. The beach, the bar, the food, chilled vibes, and great hosts are to die for. A much-visited place mainly for its exciting dining options.

Be it a sandy beach or a cozy garden or right on the sands, you can choose to eat anyplace you wish.

2. Diyasisila Restaurant ($$)

Elpitiya Road, Adaganthota, Bentota

Image of Traditional cuisine and food
Traditional cuisine and food | Source: Authentic travel/Shutterstock.com

A change of scene is what awaits you here. Away from the beach hustle, this eatery lets you sit by a river and dine in style. Specialising in serving the best seafood dishes in town, this is a must visit if you want to wind down after a long day out.

3. Prem Cafe & Restaurant ($)

117 Galle Street, Robolgoda, Bentota 80500

Image of Appam with duck roast curry
Appam with duck roast curry | Source:  Santhosh Varghese/Shutterstock.com

This local restaurant is humble and quaint, but when it comes to their cooking, perfection is what people say. A simple and well cooked meal for a very low price is what you get here. Run by the friendly owner himself, this eatery has a welcoming vibe to it.

Like to explore all gourmet hot spots in Bentota? Check our guide on the best places to eat around Bentota.

Where to Stay

1. Paradise Road: The Villa Bentota ($$$)

This luxury boutique hotel was converted in the 1970s by Geoffrey Bawa and was recently renovated by designer Shanth Fernando. Care and attention has been put into the suites and the gardens are well-maintained. There is a pool and the beach is not far from the venue. Staff are friendly, hospitable, and professional.

2. Palm Beach Inn and Sea Shells Cabanas ($)

This budget hotel is surrounded by green foliage and is close to the beach. It is simple in its decor and doesn’t have much facilities, but you are only a few minutes walk away from the beach. Though it lacks basic amenities the staff are very helpful, and it is good for a quick stay or if you’re not too picky.

When to GO

Best time: December to April is the dry season and the best time to visit. Christmas and New Year is popular with tourists which means that travel and accommodation prices will be higher during this time period.

Time to avoid: May to August is Monsoon season. High waves from the monsoon make water sports very dangerous and you will have trouble getting out and about in torrential downpour. Carry a waterproof jacket or umbrella with you.

Image of Sandy beach of Tangalle with thin palm trees
Sandy beach of Tangalle with thin palm trees | Source:  Lyubov Timofeyeva/Shutterstock.com
Image of The river among the Jungle
The river among the Jungle | Source:  Kengoo/Shutterstock.com
Image of Sri lankan curry
Sri lankan curry | Source:  Guy Mace Photography/Shutterstock.com