13 Restaurants & Cheap Eats in Hikkaduwa – A Foodie’s Guide

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Surfers, water sports enthusiasts, and especially people who love the nightlife all flock to Hikkduwa in search of a great time and even better food! The fare here is eclectic and authentic at the same time.

Not only can you spend the day on the beach, but might as well have delicious food while soaking up the sun.

Fine Dining

1. Mamas Coral Beach ($$$) 

No.338, Galle Road, Hikkaduwa | 077 281 4429 | www.mamascoralbeach.com/

Mamas Coral Beach is known for its old world charm, polite hosts, and relaxing ambiance. They offer a variety of seafood dishes and a host of beverages in ample amounts for a foodie of any palette or acquired taste. This is a must visit as it exudes the local Hikkaduwa culture as soon as you step inside.

Family and Casual Dining

1. Fantasy Potluck ($$) 

359 AH43, Hikkaduwa

Known for its cleanliness and good food, the Fantasy Potluck is a great find for the hungry, budget-conscious traveller. The relaxed ambiance and friendly hosts are just part of the appeal. Their fruit juices are raved about and sitting upstairs is a common suggestion by many who have visited the place before.

2. No.1 Roti Restaurant  ($$)

373 Colombo – Galle Main Road, Hikkaduwa

If roti is your thing, this is the place to be! Offering more than 200 types of roti dishes, this place will have you visiting again and again. It’s set away from the beaches and restaurants, which makes this place a must-visit for adventurers and those who like to get off the beaten path.

3. Hello Burger  ($$) 

Wewala -Galle Road, Hikkaduwa

Two amicable brothers run this burger joint in a lively, creative way. Hello Burger prides itself on being the best in town for its price. A must try for the non-meat eaters is their veggie burgers, which tastes nothing like normal veggie burger. Adorned with cozy interiors and cushions for your tired feet, this is a relief for any person who had a day of roaming around the streets of Hikkaduwa.

4. Thambili Café ($$) 

63 Galle Road, Thiranagama, Hikkaduwa

Thambili Cafe is vegan friendly, has a great chilled out vibe, and is overall a great choice for budget food. If you are lucky, you will spot their dog, a friendly cocker spaniel. They are also known for their amazing breakfast menus.

5. Salty Swamis Cafe and Surf Shop ($$$) 

542, Wewala, Hikkaduwa, Galle Road | 077 729 1722 | www.saltyswamis.com

Salty Swamis is a funky new cafe that popped up on the beach strips of Hikkaduwa. Apart from tasty seafood and coffee, they cater to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free customers too. A very tastefully decorated cafe, this is in the midst of a surf shop that sells beach and surfing accessories, swami based designs on recycled bags and books. Whitewashed walls and bright lights give the cafe a lively ambiance and the food is good, which makes this the perfect go to place in Hikka.

6. Sunny’s Beach Oceanview Restaurant ($$) 

462/4 Wewala, Hikkaduwa

Right on the sandy beach, this restaurant is the perfect romantic dinner for two spot. Bask in the moonlight and listen to the sounds of the ocean while you eat delicious food at a very reasonable price. The free WiFi, sunbeds, and the wind in your hair is a definite boon.

Budget Friendly Dining

1. Bookworm Library Restaurant  ($)

Galle Road (Beach Side), Hikkaduwa

Known for their curries around town, this restaurant parts with great food and rare finds in books at the bookstore below. The eatery itself is on the rooftop and offers a cozy dining experience with friendly staff and delicious cooking.

2. Sunset Coffee Bar ($)

Galle Road, Hikkaduwa

This welcoming spot by the beach specializes in its drinks—mainly coffee. They have a variety of coffee and milkshakes and their meals aren’t that far behind either. Catering both Sri Lankan and International cuisines, this is a place that offers a chilled ambiance, great food, greater drinks and good services for a very low cost.

3. Isira Coffee Shop ($)

6 Waulagoda Road, Hikkaduwa

Run by a person named Siri, this is a great find for those vacationing within a budget. They pride themselves on having the best coffee in Hikkaduwa and if reviews are anything to go by, they must be right. Their rotis and filter coffees are a must have while you wait for your food. Not to mention all the snacks offered at the counter while you’re waiting!

4. Home Grown Rice & Curry ($$)

140 Wewala, Hikkaduwa

Hidden in a garden of sorts and under palm trees, this is a find for those who want a comfy meal in a secluded restaurant without going broke. Run by a lovely family, the ambiance is relaxing and the food has nothing to be complained about. What more could you ask for on a vacation by the beach?

5. Get Fresh ($$)

Waulagoda Middle Rd, Hikkaduwa

Best known for its seafood dishes, Get Fresh has to be one of the cheapest places to eat at in Hikkaduwa. The taste and quality of food is compromised in no way and its ambiance is minimal but delightful.

6. Le Reve D’Hikka ($) 

583 Galle Road, Niragama, Hikkaduwa | 077 843 8789

A beautiful establishment under thatched roofs, this authentic Sri Lankan style building has old world charm. They serve traditional Sri Lankan cuisine among others, and their rice and curries are a must have for any foodie. Managed by a couple of French people, this place promises great service, a relaxed ambiance, and delicious food.

Clearly, Hikkaduwa is the place to be for beaches, surfing, and culinary delights! If you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or just want something cold and sweet to drink on a hot day, you’ll find it all here! From elegant fine dining beneath a coconut tree to tasty budget bites that you can grab without emptying your wallet, Hikkaduwa will make sure you get your fill!