7 Things to Do in Mullaitivu – Explore Life, War, and Love

Have you ever wanted to explore a quaint Sri Lankan fishing village?

Mullaitivu is the place for you! This small village situated on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka has long been an anchoring harbor for goods transported between Colombo and Jaffna. Right now, tourism is not yet highly developed here. Many battles had been fought in the region since 1983 in the Sri Lankan Civil War.

Fortunately, the future of Mullaitivu is bright! This area is being redeveloped and offers superb eco-tourism opportunities. The beaches near Mullaitivu are serene and gorgeous. It’s only a matter of time before tourism moves back into Mullaitivu and breathes new life into this quiet, beautiful place.

Things to Do

1. The Nanthikadal Lagoon

In English, Nanthi Kadal literally translates to the sea of conches. Many small rivers (the most famous being Per Aru) feed this lagoon, which is also called the Mullaitivu lagoon. The lagoon’s maximum length is fourteen kilometers and the maximum width is five kilometers. 

2. Vellamullivaikkal

Vellamulliviakkal is the location of the final battle fought between the LTTE and Sri Lanka Army in the Civil War. Vellamullivaikkal is a small-sized town in the Northern Province.

3. Pudumathalan

Famous for being one of the final sites of Sri Lanka Civil War, Pudumathalan is located in the Northern Province of the country. Pudumathalan Lagoon is close to Pudumathalan and is a great place for a relaxing holiday.

4. Puthukuduirrippu

The final war between Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE was fought in Puthukuduirrippu and adjacent regions. Now backed by the government, tourism is becoming a major industry in Northern Provinces, including Puthukuduirrippu where evidence of the violent war can still be seen today. 

5. Ship MV Farah and Sea Tiger Vessels

Image of Farah III shipwreck
Farah III shipwreck | Source:  caorarua/Shutterstock.com

The MV Farah shipwreck is a popular sight amongst tourists travelling to the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The MV Farah ship was a general cargo ship pirated by the LTTE in 2006. The grounded ship was captured by the Sri Lanka Army in 2009. Sea tiger vessels were used by the LTTE to wage war against Sri Lanka Army. The remnants of these vessels can be seen in Northern Provinces.

Image of Atop Farah III shipwreck
Atop Farah III shipwreck | Source:  caorarua/Shutterstock.com

6. Parabhakaran’s House with Four Tier Bunker

Parabhakaran’s house with a four-tier bunker was a major tourist attraction until it was blown up by the Sri Lanka Army in 2013. At the time of the civil war, it served as an important residential site for Mr. Parabhakaran, who masterminded his military campaigns here. The house had a bunker that descended 4 stories into the ground.  

7. Experience the Rebellion

The Tamil Tigers sought to create an independent Tamil state in the north of Sri Lanka. Mr. Prabhakaran was the forefather of the rebel group and led it for 25 years before its eventual defeat by the army.

Getting in and Around

Sigirya is the closest airport that’s convenient. From there, buses or taxis are available to reach Mullaitivu. It usually takes over two hours to reach the town.

When to Go

Best time: May to July.

Time to avoid: October to January due to monsoon season.

Where to Sleep

There are a handful of accommodations in Mullaitivu that range from budget to mid-range.

1. Nugasevana

591 Division Brigade Nugasevana is a small guesthouse that offers a cozy stay with a warm welcome.

2. Buglers Nest

Buglers Nest is a government-run body providing accommodation facilities and is famous for the variety of animals present in the house. Rabbits, horses, and ducks are few of them.

3. The Asirvaasaa Complex

The Asirvaasaa Complex is a privately held room with all basic facilities like air conditioning, cable TV, kitchen cabinets, attached bathrooms, parking facilities, and proximity to the beach. The hospitality of the place is well known!

4. Raviteja

These are private houses offering lodging facilities. Although not a hotel, you’ll find a comfortable stay and all the needed amenities.

5. AKR Hotel

Located very close to Mullaitivu, this hotel provides many luxuries! Air conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms, driving quarters, free Wi-Fi, hot water shower, spacious parking, children’s play area, and large backyard with nature friendly huts.

Where to Eat

Image of Traditional food Tapioca served with fish curry sri lanka
Traditional food Tapioca served with fish curry sri lanka | Source: Susansam90/Dreamstime.com

Vegan, non-vegan, Asian, local or international cuisine, restaurants in Mullaitivu are here to satisfy your taste buds and bring out your inner foodie.

1. Madhi Hotel

Madhi Hotel is located in Mullaitivu village and is well known as one of the best restaurants in the area.

2. Nature Park

The Nature Park restaurant is located in Kilinochchi, a town near Mullaitivu. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves delicious food for a very reasonable price.

3. Jana Canteen

Jana Canteen is also located in Kilinochchi but is well-known for delicious foods.

4. Lake View Cabana, Iranamadu

Lake View Cabana, Iranamadu is situated in Kilinochchi. This restaurant is famous for its appealing surroundings.

Mullaitivu has a hard history, but is emerging from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix rising in fire. This almost empty travel destination offers glimpses into Sri Lankan history, delicious cuisine—lots of it!—as well as natural beauty you won’t forget!