Pasikuda & Kalkuda Beaches

Want to go on a vacation that you never want to stop reminiscing about?

On the eastern coastlines of Sri Lanka you can find Kalkuda and Pasikuda, where the countries most charming and untouched beaches are. Famed for being the most beautiful beach destinations of Sri Lanka, these spots have yet to be touched by the tourist buzz and heavy crowds. Now would be the perfect time to for you to visit before it becomes crazy town with all the people flocking in.

The Pasikuda beach is mysterious, calm and is a place where you can take a pretty long walk right into the ocean. Having the longest stretch of shallow coastline in the world, you can walk kilometers out into the sea and still be only knee deep in water – yes, it’s that shallow

Away from the surfing and adventurous waters of other parts of the island, Kalkuda and Pasikuda calls out for all the beach loungers and leisurely walkers amongst you. Also, the shallow, safe waters make it an ideal vacation by the beach for families with children. Apart from the haven of beaches, these towns also have a few other attractions that you can delight yourself with.

Things to Do & Attractions

1. Pasikuda Beach

Lovely sandy beach with crystal clear waters that tempt the most leisurely of travelers to stay a few hours. The beach is about a kilometer long, and most of it is very clean. It’s a great walking beach. So relax your senses and listen to the wind and soothing lullaby of the waves.

2. Snorkeling

Colorful and vibrant reef systems make the twin beaches of Pasikuda and Kalkuda a perfect location for snorkeling. Home to many species of exotic fish, your snorkeling experience will for sure to be a memorable one.   

  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

3. Scuba Diving

Relatively shallow dive sites and healthy coral reefs abundantly filled with colorful fish make Pasikuda a great destination for scuba diving. Most dives are pretty shallow and so are ideal for beginners. For the pro divers, there are some deeper rocky reefs. Pasikuda also has a few wrecks you might want to dive at such as the famous WWII tanker British Sergeant.

  • Duration: 3-6 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

4. Swimming

The untouched beaches and calm waters of Pasikuda and Kalkuda give you a great opportunity to enjoy swimming. The ocean is much calmer here and you can safely swim, or even walk out as far as two hundred meters from the coastline.

  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

5. Windsurfing

The twin beaches of Pasikuda and Kalkuda are famous for windsurfing as the sea here is calm and yet has the perfect amount of wind to take you forward.

  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

6. Kayaking

Pasikuda and Kalkuda beaches are great for kayaking as the surf conditions here are just perfect. A local tour operator would be glad to help you out, especially if you are new to kayaking.

  • Duration: 3-6 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

7. Pasikuda – Kalkuda Reef System

Home to many types of exotic fishes, the Pasikuda and Kalkuda reef system is a sight to see and cherish. With every inch of its coral reefs pulsing with life and color, the system is a diver’s and underwater photographer’s dream come true. You can arrange diving trips with local tour operators, or through hotel concierges.

  • Duration: 3-6 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

8. Water Sports

These beaches are perfect spots for bathing, for taking a dip to cool off or chill, and for snorkeling. If you are interested in fishing you can arrange a fishing trip with local boat operators.

  • Duration: 2-6 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

9. Ayurveda

What is a vacation without some authentic massage or therapy? Make sure to book one of our famous Sri Lankan Ayurveda massages. This wellness therapy provides you with a soothing and relaxing experience. You can book a session with a qualified professional at any of the local resorts or spas.

  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours
  • Location: Kalkudah

Where to Eat

The options to eat when in Sri Lanka are fabulous and numerous. From local sea foods to delectable international cuisine, everything is served to you at the top diners of the place. Some of the best places to eat near these beaches are listed here.

1. Sunrise, Jetwing ($$$)

Pasikuda | +94 652 058 865 |

If a cooling breeze, musical waves and succulent cuisines are your idea of a perfect vacation meal, then you are at the right place! The restaurant at Sunrise, Jetwing is the ultimate luxury meal experience, complete with the awe inspiring views and perfect service. For a blissfully delicious meal by the beach, you must visit this restaurant.

2. Wine & Dine, Anilana ($$$)

14, Hotel Development Road, Pasikuda | +94 652 030 900 |

Tantalize yourself with exquisitely cooked food at this luxury restaurant. Offering a scrumptious range of purely Sri Lankan delicacies, this is a perfect place to have a vacation meal. Relax and have a cold drink while you take yourself on a culinary experience that is the ultimate essence of the beautiful coastline that is Kalkudah and Pasikuda.

3. The Crab & Lobster ($$)

Valaichchenai-Nasuvantivu-Navaladi Road, Crossroad, Pasikuda

Known for its cleanliness and good food, The Crab & Lobster is a great find for the hungry and budget-oriented travellers. The ambiance is relaxed, with friendly hosts and unforgettable food and service. Their crab curry is raved about and is a common suggestion by many who have visited the place before.

4. Vasuki  ($)


A welcoming spot by the beach, this place specializes in drinks, mainly coffee. They have a variety of coffee and milkshakes and their meals aren’t that far behind either. Catering to both Sri Lankan and international cuisines, this is a place that offers a chilled ambiance, great food, greater drinks and good services for a very low cost.

Or check our complete list of best places to eat in Pasikudah or our list for Batticaloa for even more delicious options.

Where to Sleep

Do you like feeling at home and cozy when away from home? Why not look for comfortable accommodations when visiting Pasikuda and Kalkuda beach; here are some of our top picks:

1. Uga Bay Hotel

Mediterranean themed hotel located near the untouched beach of Pasikuda, famous for being the shallowest of all. Exclusive, private, and knowns for their luxurious set up, Uga Bay Hotel is the perfect vacation hide away.

2. Anilana Pasikuda

Situated on the north coast of Pasikuda Bay is a paradise surrounded by lush greenery. Anilana gives you much needed quiet comfort after a day out adventuring.

3. Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa

A spa resort where one can indulge in either Ayurvedic treatments or massages. Experience the traditional Sri Lankan essence in this haven of luxury and relaxation.

4. Amethyst Resort

Priding themselves on the best view of the pristine beach crystal clear waters, Amethyst is a gem among the luxury hotels and will surely give you an out of the world experience.

5. Nirma Shadow Inn

A budget hotel located right on the beach lane, this is an apt place for those traveling within a budget and looking for a clean, comfortable stay.

When to Go

Best Time to Go: May to the middle of October is ideal for snorkeling and surfing.

Time to Avoid: October to January has the heaviest rainfalls.

Dress code

Sri Lanka has a modesty dress code which is best to be followed when you are away from the beach. Both men and women must cover their shoulders and knees when out and about. If you are visit a religious building like a temple you will also have to remove your headwear and footwear before you enter – carry a bag with you to put your shoes inside so they don’t get lost!


You can reach this region by various methods of transport from the country’s main towns. Within town you can hire tuk tuks to travel between Pasikuda and Kalkuda – it will only take about 5-8 minutes.

Colombo: The taxi to Pasikuda takes about five hours. You can take the train from Fort Station to Batticaloa train station, and then take a taxi onwards to Pasikuda; the journey will take over nine hours.

Airport or Negombo: A direct taxi to Pasikuda takes around five hours. Or, you can take a bus/taxi to Colombo Fort Station and take the train to Batticaloa train station, from where you can make a taxi onwards to Pasikuda; the journey will take almost ten hours.

Galle: The bus ride from Galle (with a transit in Colombo) will take about eleven hours. you can take the bus to Batticaloa Bus Station and then take a forty minute taxi to Pasikuda. Or, you can take a train from Galle to Batticaloa Train Staion (again with a transit in Colombo) and then take a taxi onwards; the journey will take about twelve hours and. You can also take a taxi for full journey which will take about six hours.

Kandy: A taxi from Kandy directly to Pasikuda will take about four hours. You can also take a train from Kandy via Polgahawela or Fort Station to Batticaloa Train Station, from where you can take a taxi to Pasikuda; this will take significantly more time.

Ella: You can take a taxi to Wellawaya Bus Station and take a bus to Batticaloa station, from where you can take a taxi onwards to Pasikuda; the journey takes about six and a half hours. Or, you can take a taxi which will take more than three hours.

Dambulla: It’s not too far to reach Pasikuda from Dambulla. A taxi ride will take two and a half hours. If taking the public transport, take a bus to Batticaloa and taxi from there.


There are a good variety of accommodations available in the region at different price points. Cheap rooms cost from $10-50, while mid-range hotels cost from $90-140. There are a few  luxury resorts available from $200.

There are lots of options for dining out in the area, with cafes and restaurants offering dishes from as little as $5-10, although seafood dishes cost significantly more.

The perfect sandy beaches, golden sunshine and clear waters paint the perfect picture for a vacationer and Kalkuda and Pasikuda fits the bill like no other. This quaint coastline offers relaxing waters, entertainment, amazing food, and great places to stay at. It appeals to the adventurer and the thinker in you.

Kalkuda and Pasikuda should be on your list of places to visit if you are looking for a memorable vacation!