17 Delicious Restaurants & Cheap Eats in Tangalle

Are you hoping to be a prisoner in the Old Dutch Fort?

The only thing that will imprison you here is the delicious food–you won’t want to leave!

Image of Bread with Prawn gravy and Pol Sambal Sri Lanka
Bread with Prawn gravy and Pol Sambal Sri Lanka | Source: Maithreebhanu /Dreamstime.com

From budget options to the finest dining that any tourist hot-spot can give, you’ll find a range of delicious options all over Tangalle.

Here are a few trusted places to stop.

Best Food Experiences

1. Fish and chips at Buckingham Place

Originally a small fishing village, Tangalle is the gateway to the wide-open spaces and beaches of Southeast Sri Lanka.

Tangalle has fresh food in abundance thanks to the town being surrounded with coastlines.

The best place to dine here is at the boutique lagoon-view hotel – Buckingham Place.

No, it has no relation to England’s Queen and their monarchy.

But it is no less in its hospitality and delicious food.

Head to this quaint place which serves the best fish and chips, hands down.

You can also try their mighty Sri Lankan fare which features everything from authentic dishes to modern versions to suit all taste buds.

And if you’re tired of the seafood and just want to laze besides the pool, don’t forget to order their Ceylon teas – an ultimate name in refreshment and tranquility.

2. Grilled fish at Mango Shade

Image of Street food barbecue with grilled chicken and fish sri lanka
Street food barbecue with grilled chicken and fish sri lanka | Source:  Oskanov/Dreamstime.com

Slowly grilled on charcoal, with simple lime and garlic seasoning, there is something about grilled fish that makes its taste linger in your mouth long after you have savored it.

When in Tangalle, do not miss out on this preparation and head to Mango Shade that serves the best flavorful Sri Lankan style grilled fish with richly spiced sauces, and very moderate prices for the area.

You can sit under the swaying mango trees and coconut palms as you enjoy your dinner/lunch of fresh catches from the ocean.

3. Lobsters, Fries and Salads at Cactus Lounge

Image of Grilled lobster with salad and lemon sri lanka
Grilled lobster with salad and lemon sri lanka | Source: Tanyashir/Dreamstime.com

If you prefer the food you see cooked and ready to eat, go to the highly recommended Cactus Lounge on Matara Road.

Hundreds of tourist who visit this lagoon recommend this venue for their Lobsters, fries and salads.

Yes, salads! Now that’s how you satisfy the vegetarian and non-vegetarian souls! And you might ask what’s so special in the fries.

These super thin shoestring fries are hand-chopped by the owner himself and fried skin-on in vegetable oil.

This eatery gets brownie points for their beautiful presentation of food that is a treat to the eyes and the taste buds.

Not just vegetarian friendly, this place is also fitness friendly as the health freak in you can enjoy gluten-free fare from around the world.

So whether it is fresh lobsters, crunchy fries or veggie and healthy salads, you know where you can get a wholesome meal as per your taste.

Fine Dining

1. Verala, Anantara Peace Haven ($$$$)

Goyambokka Estate, Tangalle 822 | +94 47 224 4466 | www.tangalle.anantara.com/verele/

A Japanese restaurant with a Sri Lankan flair, this restaurant is the perfect combination of the best of both cuisines.

Enjoy succulent meats while the chefs provide acrobatic cooking entertainment for you.

The ambiance is pure luxury combined with seascape and it really beats most restaurants in Tangalle with its unique cuisine itself.

2. IL Mare, Anantara Peace Haven ($$$$)

Goyambokka Estate, Tangalle 822 | +94 47 224 4466 | www.tangalle.anantara.com/il-mare/

Perched on the edge of a cliff in Tangalle, this place offers a mind-blowing view of the beaches below.

Focusing on the Italian cuisines, this place offers mouthwatering dishes that make you forget the wonderful views outside.

They provide signature pastas with wine, and what more could you ask on a vacation?

3. Oceana Beach Cafe and Seafood Restaurant ($$$)

61/5, Sethsiri, Parakrama Road, Tangalle 822 |  071 606 4267

A beautiful establishment made of wood, Oceana Beach Cafe and Restaurant is picturesque and everything a vacation in Tangalle is supposed to look like.

They offer a variety of dishes, including grill.

Enjoy an evening of yummy food, light musi,c and ocean waves of Tangalle in this eatery.

4. Nuga Eden Café ($$$)

Mahawela Road, Tangalle Road, Tangalle 822 | +94 472 240 389 | www.nuga.lk/nuga-cafe/restaurant

Located on the Tangalle bay, Nuga Eden prides itself on its purely homemade food and the variety of dishes offered, which include both western and eastern cuisines. Breakfast is served at anytime in this cafe, both Sri Lankan and English, whichever your palette craves for.

Family and Casual Dining

1. Cactus Lounge Restaurant ($$$)

435/7 Matara Road, Tangalle

Situated right on the beach, this is a vacation spot for many! They offer amazing seafood dishes and a cold beer any day. Also, the specials of the day depends on their catch so the menu is ever changing and exciting to look forward to.

2. Sha Sha Seafood ($$)

Kapuhenwala Rd | Marakolliya, Tangalle

Authentic and Sri Lankan as can be, this place is run on the sands of the Tangalle beach and offers a neat beach meal without much ado.

Campfires, candlelight meals, or whatever else you need, this place has it to offer. With no hotels or eaterys alongside on the beach, this is a special place that offers solitude and great food.

3. Think Club  ($$)


At first glance, all this seems to be is another shack on the beach, but the food they serve is far from ordinary! It has no frills, the deco is simple, but the honest pricing and soul food makes up for all of this.

4. Oceanfront @ Buckingham Place ($$$)

Wellawathugoda Road | Rekawa Village, Netolpitiya, Tangalle

A beautiful white washed restaurant with huge chandeliers, this restaurant faces the beach and has its own pool and game room. Look over at the view beyond the swimming pool while you enjoy a tasty meal for a very decent price.

5. Blue Skies Restaurant ($$)

Kapuhenwala Road, Marakolliya, Tangalle 822

Known for their Sri Lankan red rice and fish gravies, this place is raved about by its first, second, and even fifth time visitors. Freshly made food and loving staff gives this eatery a homey ambiance and will have you longing for more. A must try is their choice of cocktails and seafood dishes.

6. Little Pumpkin Cabbanas ($$$)

Marakolliya Beach, Medilla, Tangalle 822

Unlike most restaurants in Tangalle, this place has a cozy quiet spot in the less crowded beaches of Tangalle.

It also offers seafood dishes at decent prices without compromising taste or quality in any way.

Little Pumpkin Cabbanas also has a tasteful selection of cocktails you can sip while watching the sea and waiting for your meal.

Budget Friendly Dining

1. Mango Shade ($)

141, Pangngawana Mawatha, Tangalle

This family restaurant has a comforting ambiance and delicious food.

The Mango Shade is a must visit if you want to try a variety of food for very little cost. Their special dessert is the Coconut Pancake and is adored by everyone who has tried it. For the spicier tongues, trying their calamari would be idea.

2. Tangalle Rice and Curry Restaurant ($)

Mahawela Road, Godelawela, Tangalle 822

Image of Rice and curry sri lankan cuisine
Rice and curry sri lankan cuisine | Source: Ppy2010ha /Dreamstime.com

This is a great place for lobsters and other things yummy from the deep waters!

This restaurant offers a deliciously cooked meal, served tastefully, and for a shockingly lower price than you’d expect.

A plus side is that you can try the same dishes at your home too! The owners offer free cooking lessons for anyone who eats there.

Who wouldn’t love a place that inviting?

3. Moon River Seafood ($)

Unakuruwa Surf Point, Tangalle

A perfect cozy nook by the beach, Moon River is the perfect place to have a meal under the starry night and a bright moon.

The food is exquisite, the cost is under a basic budget, and the staff are amicable and charming. A much raved about dish is their seafood soup.

4. Dream Family ($)

117 Panghawasa Road, Medaketiya, Tangalle

This cozy nook lives up to its name! The Dream Family is a charming eatery with a pleasant ambiance.

They’re best known for their breakfasts, the pumpkin curry, and roti. This is the perfect place for you to eat without burning a hole in your pockets.

5. Turtle Landing Restaurant ($)

443/3 Matara Road,  Pallikkudawa, Tangalle

Freshly cooked seafood and friendly staff is what you can expect at this restaurant. Oozing positive vibes and old world charm, this place serves generous portions of amazing food for a very low price.

6. Villa Ocean Waves ($)

330, Matara Road, Tangalle

Taste the purely Sri Lankan rice and curries while you watch the waves at this eatery! They offer Sri Lankan lunch buffets that are the talk of the town.

What better way to really know the cuisine that at a buffet by the beach? Villa Ocean Waves provides a calming meal amidst the bustling streets outside.

7. Samagi Restaurant ($)

6, Medaketiya Road, Tangalle

Known for their Italian coffees, Samagi is a must visit for those looking for a delicious yet budget friendly meal in Tangalle.

Served in huge portions, their kothu rotti is raved about. So are their seafood dishes.

It’s obvious by now that Tangalle has absolutely no lack of delicious food to eat!

You can find eastern food, western, Italian, Japanese, Sri Lankan, and fusions of many others.

Have you ever wanted to lounge on a four poster bed on the beach while waiting for your food?

Tangalle offers that.

Are you vegan and have a more restrictions?

Tangalle offers that too!

No matter where you go, you’re sure to find something delicious waiting for you here!