Cinnamon Grand: A Hotel Beyond Luxury

Whether you are on a tight business trip or looking for the utmost comfort, Cinnamon Grand is going to stun you with its unmatched style! Colombo offers a wide range of accommodations in perfect compliance with the needs of business and leisure tourists. Affluent structures, luxury amenities, and one-of-a-kind service promise a memorable holiday and business event in Colombo. Cinnamon Grand Colombo is among the top city hotels offering all this and much more. The high living criteria and luxury experiences here make for a beautiful base to explore the city.

Truly, Cinnamon Grand is in a league of its own!!!

1. Location

Cinnamon Grand Colombo is located in the city center, at the edge of the central business and cultural core. The hotel attached famous shopping mall Crestcat Boulevard is a pledge of an extended entertainment when in the capital of Sri Lanka. Those on the lookout for some exotic impressions might visit the locally famous Kollupityia near the hotel. Delicious food and chic restaurants are plentiful in the neighborhood.

2. Architecture and Style

Everything at Cinnamon Grand follows the principles of luxury with a unique local touch. The modern architecture is mixed with sumptuous interiors using glass ceilings, marble floors, and Cinnamon-style decorative elements. Lavish and stylish accommodations in expertly selected tones are focused on travelers seeking business luxury. The opulent dining spaces presented in abundance make way for exquisite culinary experiences with local and international twists. The indoor and outdoor pools with charming ambience and design promise a genuine delight to all travellers.

3. Dining

Along with the lavish accommodations, the Cinnamon dining experiences promise unmatched positive vibes and some unforgettable impressions. Specially designated spaces within the hotel complying with all the standards of superior quality, are presented in abundance.

3.1 The Lagoon

A visit to Sri Lanka is not complete without savoring the local seafood assortment. The Lagoon offers grilled, steamed, curried fish dishes with Indian, Chinese, Thai, and continental preparation fitting all tastes. The local style Maalu Maalu Buffet awaits Cinnamon visitors every Sunday.

3.2 The Taprobane

The Cinnamon Grand’s buffet restaurant is an excellent start for each of your days at Colombo. International dishes and live-cooking counters offer an incredible variety of dining practices. A la Carte menu and specific meal choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also available. When at Cinnamon, don’t miss out on the Taprobane Sunday Brunch entering among must-do experiences.

3.3 Breeze Bar

This poolside bar ensures a serene pastime in a relaxed and exotic ambiance. A wide range of cocktails enriched with tapas, satay platters, and shisha is a great way to make oneself familiar with the Cinnamon atmosphere.

3.4 Nuga Gama

To savor the best of Sri Lankan cuisine a visit to Nuga Gama is a must. The rural ambiance around the 200-year old Banyan tree carries double charm due to its exquisite dishes and relaxed environment. The locally produced fresh ingredients promise a healthy supplement to your vacation routine. Nuga Gama is a village inside a hotel – do not miss!

3.5 Chutneys

If you are in the mood for the Indian delicacies, visit Chutneys — an appropriate ambiance with an Indian yet modern twist. The vast menu comprises of all your Indian food delights. The expert Indian chefs promise a memorable experience to all.

3.6 The London Grill

The brick-walled ambiance with lampshades makes for a beautiful dinner in London style. Piece de resistance, foie gras, and Angus Filet Mignon promise a real delight to gourmands. The fusion of tasty foodstuffs and elegance is a pledge of the restaurant’s irresistible appeal.

3.7 Tao

For genuine Chinese vibes and meals pay a visit to Tao. Sichuan, Shandong, Hangzhou, Canton, and Macau will make you familiar with the best Chinese cuisine has on display. The varieties of seafood and the tea ceremony are worth attention and time.

3.8 Cheers Pub

This British style pub awaits its guests within its wooden and carpet-filled interiors. The bar and separately put tables promise an enjoyable pastime with friends. Beers and burgers will perfectly fill in the intervals.

3.9 The Lounge

Daytime at Cinnamon Grand promises delightful food consuming. The local tea selection with the Ceylon Tea on top paired with various desserts and sweets is going to match all preferences in an amiable ambiance. The live jazz music in the evening adds up to the whole experience.

3.10 Echo

A little piece of Italy welcomes guests at Echo from morning till late evening. The stylish pizzeria ambiance has on offer an array of pizzas and other Italian dishes. Tiramisu ensures a great end to your Italian evening.

3.11 Noodles

The last but not the least. Sri Lanka and the Far East have concocted a perfect fusion in the image of Noodles. Laksa Lemak, Mee Goreng, Wonton Soup, and Roast Pork Tebasaki are the main specialties offered in a cozy yet stylish ambiance. Delicious lunches and dinners are not to be missed at Noodles.

4. Suites and Rooms

Whether you are going to stay at Cinnamon Grand during a holiday or a business visit, your stay will be brimmed with luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. The hotel’s suites and rooms are designed in perfect harmony with travellers’ needs.

4.1 Cinnamon Grand Suites

Courtyard Suite

The utmost business luxury at Cinnamon Grand starts from courtyard suites. The 46 square meter spaces on the upper floor comprise a bedroom area with double bedding, living room, and a workspace. The luxury décor in light tones with intensive accents is crowned with walk-in closets, polished bathrooms, and beautiful views. All these are in addition to the standard air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a minibar.

Apartment Suite

the second in a row within the Cinnamon suite classification is apartment suite. The accommodations span over 72 square meters and comprise a bedroom with double bedding, living room with lounge, workspace, and dining area. Smart and elegant décor is equipped with all the standard conveniences: air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, minibar, walk-in closets, and spacious bathrooms.

Premium Suite

The Cinnamon premium suites encompass bedrooms with double bedding, living room with lounge, dining area, and workspace spread over 60 square meters. The elegant design with the use of greyish and blue shades is complemented with all the standard suite amenities. Guests are also entitled to the executive lounge access.

Executive Suite

Located on the VIP floor allocated to executive accommodations, the room spans over 65 square meters. Bedroom with double bedding, living room with lounge and dining area and workspace follow the key principles of Cinnamon design. Walk-in closets, private bathrooms and pool views from the upper floor make the accommodation complete. Guests visiting executive suites can also use the following facilities: separate elevator access, boardroom access, express check-in/late check-out, executive lounge access and happy hour.

Penthouse Suite

the uppermost floor of Cinnamon Grand offers accommodations fitting all the luxury living standards with a unique touch. Spanning over 140 square meters, the penthouse suites comprise bedrooms with double bedding, lounge area and workspace and living room with seating area and dining facilities. The upscale décor with a smart chromatic decision is enhanced with wonderful views over the surroundings.

Presidential Suite

The 141 square meter spaces are designated for business travelers seeking the utmost comfort and luxury. Located on the VIP floor, the presidential suites adhere to the common suite planning: bedrooms with double bedding and living room with seating area and dining space. The smart and elegant design of the residential areas is perfected with private bathrooms with bathtubs and the views provided by the ceiling-to-floor windows. Guests visiting the presidential rooms will be experiencing the ultimate luxury living in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

4.2 Cinnamon Grand Rooms

Courtyard Room

Aspire to luxury at Cinnamon grand from courtyard rooms. These relaxed 25 square meter spaces comprise large double beds, seating area, and a writing desk. The minimalist yet elegant design in autumn colors adds to the warmth of Cinnamon hospitality. The magnificent garden and pool views from these upper floor accommodations are there to enrich the décor. Polished bathrooms and luxury amenities, including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a minibar provide the maximum comfort to the hotel guests.

Premium Room

The upgraded type of accommodations spans over 32 square meters. Twin and double beddings, seating area, and a writing desk create the main furnishings. Neutral and autumn colors blend with the minimalist style. Air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a minibar provide the deserving comforts. Private bathrooms and garden and pool views from the upper floor blend with the luxury interiors.

Executive Room

Another 32 square meters is assigned to executive rooms on the VIP floor. Cut out for business travelers considering its modest yet elegant design; space comprises double bedding, seating area, and a writing desk. The whole décor follows smart chromatic decisions enhancing its character. Air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a minibar provide together with walk-in closets, large bathrooms, and pool views make the accommodation complete. Guests of executive rooms are also entitled to separate elevator access, boardroom access, express check-in/late check-out, executive lounge access, and happy hour.

5. Resort Amenities

5.1 Angsana Spa

The luxury spa at Cinnamon Grand will make your relaxation complete. The specially designated space with a cold bath and a sauna offers a vast menu of treatments, massages and aromatherapies. The professional therapists will help your body gain new senses and energy. A glass of refreshing drink is just and additional benefit.

5.2 Swimming Pools

The hotel-based swimming pools make for a perfect combo of relaxation and physical activity. The cross-shaped garden pool with the fully equipped lounge zone around is a great base to start or end your day at Cinnamon Grand. The surrounding tropical greenery and the adjacent Breeze Bar are going to make your pastime all the more enjoyable. The rooftop pool offers a worthy sequel to its forerunner. Guests visiting the pool might boast of a healthier dose of the unwinding process due to its vicinity to the local spa.

5.3 Fitness Center

The Cinnamon-based modern gym with state-of-the-art weight loss and cardio equipment is a great way to discharge from unnecessary calories and indulge in new stimulus gaining gamble. The perfect balance will definitely find its way in view of garden landscapes.

5.4 Tennis Court

The sports mavens might well get addicted to the tennis court hosting guests from 7 am till 9 pm. The all-weather space promises a great pastime for solo and group travelers alike.

5.5 Meeting and Conference Venues

Those enamored with the lavish layout of Cinnamon Grand are welcome to schedule their large-scale corporate and business events at the hotel-based sumptuous venues. The Ivy, Cedar, Ebony, Aspen, Sequel, Mahogany, Nuga Gama and Angsana event rooms all predict a great progress and result high your event. The richly furnished spaces with various capacities and seating possibilities, not to mention the perfect technological support are going to win the business guests’ heart and senses during meetings, conferences or banquets.

5.6 Crescat Shopping Center

Those in search of a genuine buzz in Sri Lanka might find their haven at Cinnamon Grand and its adjacent Crescat shopping mall. An abundance of various shops will enrich your holiday.

6. Things to Do

The capital of Sri Lanka makes way for enchanting experiences while at Cinnamon Grand. Whether you are a business vacationer or a random tourist, the local culture-filled, business and trade spaces are of particular interest.

6.1 Old Parliament

Colombo is home to the parliament building. The eye-catching towers in Neo-Baroque and modern style stand high over the urban landscape embellished with Sri Lankan vegetation. The country’s colonial history is also revealed through various statues of illustrious statesmen.

6.2 Colombo National Museum

The charming white mansion with equally appealing green surroundings promises a closer insight into the country’s history and cultural legacy. A visit to the museum is among must-do things while staying at Cinnamon Grand.

6.3 Gangaramaya Temple

The charming temple-museum set in the river is home to the smallest Buddha statue and various bejeweled gifts worth a couple of hours when in Sri Lanka.

6.4 Town Hall

The city hall housed in a simple neoclassical building exposes the piece of colonial art to the public view. The picture-perfect images will make you recall the exotic yet urban journey in Colombo.

6.5 Noritake

Those looking for a memorable souvenir are supposed to visit Noritake famous for porcelain produce. The local porcelain ware is going to embellish your home décor for good.

6.6 Laksala

Don’t leave out a visit to Laksala from your to-do list. Various items of craftsmanship, jewelry, spices, and tea will also serve as an enchanting keepsake from Sri Lanka.

7. Service Quality

Considering all the benefits and facilities of Cinnamon Grand, the nearly-perfect destination in Colombo is marked on the list. The outstanding workforce is a pledge of additional excellence assigned to the hotel. The expert concierge staff are at your service to make your check-in/check-out flow harmoniously. The 24-hour room service, in-room dining option, and the hotel safety executed by professionals are supposed to turn the hotel into a home away from home for all types of tourists.

8. Getting Into

Cinnamon Grand enjoys 36 km distance from Colombo International Airport. The Audi Sedan or SUV transportation service organized by the hotel staff ensures the utmost comfort to business trippers and an excellent start to leisure adventurers.