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Galle Fort will steal your heart, and the food here will steal your breath! From delicious (and spicy if you want it!) rice and curries, to the soothing taste of fresh fruit juices, Galle Fort offers you a culinary experience to rival you travels. Budget, moderate, and luxury options abound. There’s no lack of places to eat in Galle! Grab one that looks good and have a seat.

It’s time to enjoy the culinary side of Sri Lanka!

Best Food Experiences in Galle

Food makes travel great. Good food will make a memory of a trip last forever. Galle is a culinary paradise and here are 3 of the best food experiences you will come across in Galle that will add to those amazing travel memories:

Seafood at The Fort Printers

Galle is known for its fort and when in Galle, dine like the royals do at The Fort Printers – an 18th century mansion developed into an elegant small hotel. The Fort Printers offers a fresh menu that uses predominantly fresh seafood and organic local produce. The mains comprise grilled fresh seafood, Mediterranean inspired specialties, and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

But what takes the cake is their Ocean fresh seafood ranging from sashimi, grilled or seared tuna to lobster, prawns and several kinds of fish. So, have a lavish affair with food that is served in a fancy frangipani courtyard overlooking the thin lap pool or in the grand dining room – whatever suits you!

Ten curries at Lucky Fort

While rice and curry is available almost everywhere in Sri Lanka, there is nothing like too many curries when in Galle.

If you want to enjoy the delish Sri Lankan feast, head to the Lucky Fort restaurant. Run by a Sri Lankan Buddhist family, it is known for its authentic homemade ten curries and rice that’s just a perfect feast for two. Set on Parawa street, this secluded restaurant serves an incredible range of local curries in huge portions adapted to suit Western tastes.

Their ten curries include a wide range of flavours from beetroot, cucumber, potato, pumpkin and okra to cabbage, fried onion, jack fruit curry and curd among others. And while you eat, you can chat with the couple about this quirky little place and its origin. A perfect combination of food and learning something new, we say!

Sri Lankan food with Singaporean twist at Fortaleza

Now if we say the words Sri Lanka and Singapore, the only common factor you may draw out will be that both the countries are Asian. But not for the food in Fortaleza and its head chef Arun who beautifully combines the cuisine of both countries to serve you a palate of fusion flavours.

What was once a spice warehouse now hosts an attractive restaurant in its boutique hotel property. Treat your taste buds to finger lickin’ Sri Lankan cuisine combined with Singaporean taste, complete with wine pairing or a signature cocktail.

The restaurant food is very good and popular with weekenders from Colombo and comprises both traditional and contemporary choices with a Singaporean twist as head chef Arun worked in one of Singapore’s best restaurants before moving to Fortaleza. 

The restaurant maintains hints of Asian flavours tucked into a western style menu so that you have that authentic experience but at the same time do not feel homesick. Best of both worlds, eh!

Fine Dining Places

1. The Fort Printers

39 Pedlar Street, Galle, Sri Lanka | +94 91 2 247977 |

The Fort Printers offer a variety of gourmet cuisines, most of which is seafood, as Galle is so close to the coast. The traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry is a must when you go here. The building has an old age charm that tells a rich history of times gone by. High ceilings, a swimming pool, and a terrace: what more could one ask for?

2. Galle Fort Hotel Restaurant

28 Church St, Galle 80000 | 091 2 232870 |

You get to choose between an indoor restaurant that exudes charm, or sit outdoors, where you can enjoy delicious meals and people watching. The courtyard is a romantic place for you to dine in style in your own private haven. The Galle Fort Hotel is the essence of the Galle Fort itself and a must visit if you want to feel the old world charm of Galle.

3. Jetwing Lighthouse

Dadella, Galle 8 | 011 2 345720 |

The Jetwing Lighthouse overlooks the sea, which means the view is to die for. You’ll feel like you belong here during the sunsets and sunrises. Bright and open, the architecture is airy and spacious and relaxing. The menu offers a variety of cuisines that will cater to any craving.

4. The Heritage Cafe

61, Pedlar St, Galle | 091 2 246668 |

A quaint and lovely cafe that reeks of Galle Fort charm and culture, this cafe is an experience not to be missed. Sri Lankan cuisine, a great ambiance, and friendly staff await you at Heritage Cafe. They don’t serve alcohol, but they make up for it by giving your taste buds a culinary masterpiece. Their hot buttered calamari fry is popular with patrons.

5. The Sun House Restaurant

Upper Dickson Rd, Galle 8 | 091 2 222624 |

Being a part of a boutique hotel, this restaurant is a piece of magic on its own. A peaceful candlelight dinner that isn’t crowded like most places in Galle, the Sun house is the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or a relaxing meal with family and friends. The renovated house exudes colonial charm and history. They also have an impressive collection of books you can browse through.

6. The Runcible Spoon

N.788, Matara Road, Thalpe, Galle | 091 2 283844 |

The Runcible Spoon offers fresh mouthwatering dishes to enjoy by the beach. Special orders can be also done, choosing from live crabs and lobsters. The ambiance is pleasant while the food is heavenly.

7. Calorie Counter

56a Light House St, Galle 8 | 091 2 242702 |

Calorie counter is the go to place if you are hungry, but also want to eat healthy. Just like its name suggests, this place counts every calorie in your meal. Located on the corner of Pedlars and Lighthouse Street, the Calorie Counter is a chic restaurant in a colonial building that makes you feel good about your food. Their smoothies and salads are a must have if you ever venture in.

8. Boutique Cafe

63 Church St, Galle 8 | 077 946 1465 |

A relatively new place on Church Street, the Boutique Cafe is exactly what its name suggests. Quaint and relaxing in every way possible, this place exudes the charm that Galle is known for. They have rice and curries, smoothies, cold juices and more to quench your thirst. Their specialty is lobster.

9. Poonie’s Kitchen

63, Pedlar St, Galle 8 | 91 2 244030 |

A courtyard rich in comforting colours and cushions of all sizes, Poonie’s Kitchen is a hidden gem in Galle Fort. Enjoy a lovely meal while you watch koi fish swim in the pond and take a run at the swing while you wait for your orders. The ambiance is ethnic and stylish, as you can guess from the description and the food surpasses the deco, if that is possible. A must try is their cake.

Mid-range Restaurants

1. Chambers

40 Church St, Galle 8

Located on Church Street in Galle, Chambers Restaurant is a must visit. Their popularity is well known and they have good reason for it! This Italian restaurant is a lawyer’s chamber turned into a yummy eatery. It attracts a lot of the locals and tourists as the food is relatively cheap and they serve generous portions, too.

2. The Original Rocket Burger

24 Pedlar St, Galle 8

This is not your ordinary burger joint! Their cleverly named burgers, which are sumptuous and juicy, are a must eat. They include a menu for children and a hipster feel. This delicious food is well worth the moderate price!

3. Crepe-ology

Layn Baan St, Galle 8

Located above the shops in Galle Fort, this place has both indoor, air-conditioned seating and outdoor seating with fans. Their specialties are crepes and cold milkshakes. This is a great place to escape from the heat down below.

4. Deco on 44

44 Light House St, Galle 8

Located just twenty minutes away from a whale watching area, Deco on 44 is an old building rebirthed as a classy and stylish restaurant. This uniquely decorated place offers a historic mystic in the midst of Galle. They specialize in Sri Lankan cuisine and have a name for it too. If you want a quiet evening or a meal away from the bustle of Galle Streets, this is the place to go to.

5. A Minute by Tuk Tuk

Hospital Street, Shop U-12, Old Dutch Hospital, Galle

A Minute by Tuk Tuk is an eatery inside the Galle Dutch Hospital. The ambiance is very chic. It rests on a deck, with wooden works on the floors and impressive furniture. Vegans will love their pure vegan foods and gluten free dishes. You can have delicious meal overlooking the sea while you sip a cold beer and indulge beautiful Galle.

6. Pedlar’s Inn Cafe

Pedlar St, Galle 8

Situated in an old Colonial style area in Galle, this cafe is a favourite of many. Antiques and history shroud the place, giving it a pleasant ambiance. The specials raved about are the fresh tiger prawns, which are served in a salad or a pasta. Funky and relaxing, Pedlar’s Inn Cafe is a must visit if you venture Galle and are craving Italian cuisine.

7. Fortaleza

Church Cross St, Galle 8

Easily accessible to many, this restaurant in the Galle Fort is a hip eatery. Their most popular items are their seafood dishes. The beach is just a stroll away! Fortaleza is practically perfection—it offers fine food at a moderate prize and a killer view.

8. Church Street Social

26 Church Street, Galle 8

With the impressive architecture of 17th century Dutch infused within their buildings, the Church Street Social boasts the best breakfast around Galle. If you are looking for an upscale, swanky place to chill and dine in Galle, this is the place to be in. They have a variety of cuisines. Seafood is their strong suite. They offer juicy burgers at a good price.

7. The Stairway

53 Church St, Galle 8

A pleasant evening, a good meal, and a rooftop setting is what this place is all about! The Stairway offers fine dining under open skies, so make sure you have good weather ahead of you. Their fish and chips are local favorites. The deco is minimal, and makes it a comfy hangout and a great place to take pictures.

8. The Shack Beach Cafe

472 Matara Road, Katugoda, Galle 8

The Shack Beach Cafe caters to Indian and International cuisine, and of course, Sri Lankan meals. This place has a great atmosphere, and offers a filling meal at a good bargain. You can have healthy food while you watch people surfing on the ocean. Family friendly, this is a safe haven for any type of visitor who is hungry after roaming the streets of Galle.

Budget Places to Eat

1. Lucky Fort Restaurant

No 07, Prarawa street Galle, Galle 8

Tucked away in the back streets, Lucky Fort Restaurant is a true find when you have cravings with a hole in your pocket. Rice and curry is their specialty. The simple—yet filling—dining experience offered by this place makes up for its busy schedules. The ambience is family friendly. If you prefer vegetarian food, this restaurant will live up to your expectations and at a very low price too.

2. Spoon’s

100, Pedlar St, Galle

Spoon’s is known for its outstanding food. This hole in the wall eatery is small, but the flavor of their menu is not! Their most ordered dessert is the coconut flan and is a must try for any tourist who ventures out to Galle.

3. The National Tea Room

100, Pedlar St, Galle

Run by a sweet old Sri Lankan couple, this place is special and quaint in its own way. It offers delicious cakes and tea for a very low cost. A must visit if you want to taste authentic Sri Lankan tea. It’s also known for its delicious breakfast spread. The old couple who runs this tea room has been blessed in the hearts of many a tourist who visited their eatery.

4. The Blockhouse

 Church St, Fort, Galle 8

This little gem in Galle is designated for the foodie who wants to taste pure Sri Lankan cuisine on a budget. It’s not just rice and curry here. Their cheese kothu and fresh juices are a favorite. It has a pleasant ambiance and friendly staff. You can be seated at the tables outside during the rush hours. The food makes up for any wait by being simple, yet mouthwatering.

5. Cafe Punto

Pedlar St, Galle 8

Cafe Punto is the real deal for every hungry foodie who walks the streets of Galle. Known for their homemade quality food, this place is quaint and simple. It will have you visiting them again and again. The pick of their menu is a curry and rice meal with papadam.

6. Indian Hut

55 Rampart St, Galle 8

The Indian Hut has catered to many a budget eater on their visit to Galle! Their specialty is the chicken tikka masala and a mango lassi. They have an ample variety of food considering the lower budget. A satisfying and tasty meal that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Indian Hut offers Indian and Chinese cuisines.

7. South Ceylon Bakery

Opposite the bus station, Gamini Mawatha, Galle 8

Ridiculously cheap and yummy, this place is a godsend if you are hungry and broke. A family of four can have a hearty meal for much less than anywhere else. South Ceylon Bakery is situated opposite the bus station and is spotted easily. They offer savory sweets, curries, and pastries too.

8. Anura’s Restaurant

9 Light House Street, Galle Fort, Galle 8

This restaurant is tiny and bright, serving various curries and pasta dished to its hungry customers. The decor makes you feel like you are in a cafe, with paintings on the walls and a gentle ambiance. A must-try place if you want a place to eat pocket-friendly food and relax at the same time.

9. Royal Dutch Cafe

72 Leyn Baan St, Galle 8

The Dutch Cafe has a special treat for guests in the evenings. They tell stories of old Sri Lanka and adventures of the past and are known for their iced teas and cakes. The food is cheap and the ambiance is pleasant. It teaches you a little bit of the island’s history too!

10. Pagoma

6, Old Matara Rd, Galle

If you crave modern and international cuisine by the beaches of Galle, this place is a must visit. The Pagoma offers a variety of cuisines at a very low price, not to mention an escape to air-conditioned heaven amidst the hot winds of the busy streets below. Fresh food, friendly staff, and a clean, pleasant ambiance awaits you at Pagoma. Their fish steak is a must try!

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