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Sri Lankan Chinese at King Prawn

The picturesque town of Nuwara Eliya presents travellers with a variety of dining options.

Diners in search of local tastes will easily find the Sri Lankan staple of rice and curry in numerous eateries. If you’re in need to enjoy Sri Lankan meal twisted with Chinese flavours, you should head to King Prawn restaurant.  King Prawn at The Glendower is one of the oldest restaurants around. They offer mostly Sri Lankanized Chinese that is the overriding culinary influence here, delivered in a dining room transplanted from 1930s England. There’s a good array of seafood on offer too – from rice and curries infused with the perfect combination of Sri Lankan and Chinese spices.

Tea and meals at Tea Factory Hotel Restaurant

It’s considered by most a crime to not have a good cup of tea while in Nuwara Eliya. One of the best places to do so is at the Tea Factory Hotel Restaurant which is set in a historical building with tea machineries inside the hotel. However, the menu is not just limited to teas as diners here enjoy a mix of buffet and ala carte when they come here. Guests can order items a la carte, or opt for one of the five-course set meals available. Most dishes here are given a Sri Lankan twist, with the addition of chili and peppers to provide a spicy kick. Do make a request to have the spice level lowered if you cannot tolerate much heat in your food. Surrounded by misty mountains of hill country, the hotel also provides you a complimentary tea and its tea menu ranges from varieties of different estates. A heritage hotel, good food and friendly staff make this experience memorable.

North Indian curries at Indian Summer, Grand Indian

Satisfy your craving for Indian food by making at stop by Grand Indian, and be delighted by the selection of rich and tasty North Indian dishes available. You have got two options in Nuwara Eliya when it comes to delectable Indian cuisine. One is the Grand Indian that is filled with bustling crowds of diners daily. Be prepared to wait for a seat, or to order take outs from this well-liked restaurant. Cooked perfectly to traditional tastes, relish the Chicken tikka, black daal, garlic naan and raita here. Another option for North Indian curries is the Indian Summer restaurant. The sign says ‘fusion cuisine’ but this smart restaurant with lake views is best for authentic North Indian curries. Accompained by warm crispy naan, the curries here – whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian – make for a perfect meal.

Thai cuisine at Grand Thai

If you’re in the mood for a taste of tangy flavours, make a stop by Grand Thai. The restaurant dishes up a selection of popular Thai food items, such as salads, Tom Yum soup, and stir-fried pork and chicken dishes. Apart from scrumptious fare, Grand Thai also pleases diners with its subtle ambience and friendly service. Grand Thai offers mostly classic Thai dishes and preparations, some with a bit of a modern touch. For starters, you can have green papaya salad which is quite different from the salads elsewhere. The papaya is shaved into thin strips, served with a tangy sauce with hints of soy sauce and fish sauce, topped off with a large pan fried prawn. The pad thai koong is one of the most popular Thai dishes, but Grand Thai does a bit differently, opting for a thick flat noodle. It’s served with an omelette in the form of an egg net, prawns, peanuts and bean sprouts. Also, go for the stir fried pork belly in garlic sauce, the kai takrai – a lemon grass grilled chicken, creamy beef massaman curry, and banana and pineapple fritters for dessert, to complete you meal.

Strawberry delicacies at Adma Agro

You can’t visit NE and not have strawberries. Nuwara eliya’s year-round cold climate is ideal for growing strawberries so you’ll come across a multitude of vendors when you visit. Adma Agro in N’Eliya offers everything in strawbeery from the fresh fruit to its desserts and juices. Start off with the fresh and refreshing strawberry juice. Move on to the classic bowl of strawberry and fresh cream dessert and then the utterly delicious strawberry pancakes. The pancake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries is the bomb. They also offer shakes and ice creams. If you want something cold, go for the fresh strawberry ice cream. So head to this place for a berry berry delicious experience

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